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About Prashank Tech

Prashank Tech, founded by industry specialists and having team of professionals with diverse industry experience in the field of Industrial automation solutions.

We are a team of automation specialists committed to deliver value addition solutions with the modern technology having on board skilled and experienced staff associated with automation sector more than 17 years in local and international market.

Customers are very much satisfied with on time quality services from highly skilled and experienced engineers for repairing of industrial Automation products e.g. CNC controllers ,Servo motors ,AC/DC VFD ,HMI and PLC system.

Our flexibility and prompt competent services provides upper edge in the competition which provide benefit to our clients.

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  • Mission
  • Vision
  • We intend to be a leading Automation and Industrial repairing solution provider.
  • With our modern technologies and on time services ,we intend to be preferred vendor for all our clients .
  • Our prime focus to encourage eco-friendly and ethical business practices.

To be recognized organization with innovation and buoyant technological solutions which will improve process productivity and human safety within the industry.