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PLC Automation Services Suppliers

PLC system with control panel for handling simple and complex process and factory automation system. Prashank tech is having onboard experies for desgin, enggineering, development, consultancy and testing and commissioning at site.

We provide PLC Automation Services in Pune, PLC Automation Suppliers in Pune, PLC Automation Panels in Pune Company in Pune with the assistance of a professional team. These services are provided by a professional staff with extensive experience in this field. Furthermore, our customers can get this service from us at a low cost and in a short period of time.

Prashank Tech assists manufacturers in making improvements that lead to increased growth and success. We excel in providing industrial automation control and information solutions that help our customers gain a competitive edge. Our solutions have proven themselves in a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing settings, from stand-alone industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems.

PLC stands for "programmable logic controller." It is a solid-state, digital industrial computer that accepts input from limit switches, proximity sensors, pushbuttons, potentiometers, temperature sensors, and other devices. It contains programmable memory for storing user-defined instructions for performing activities including timing, counting, logical, and arithmetic operations. Both analog and digital outputs are possible on a PLC.