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Servo Motors

Prashank Techis the Best Servo Drive Repair Company in Pune with Industrial Automation solutions. Supply of Siemens and Fanuc make Servo motor and repairing services.

Servo motors, or "servos," are precise rotating and pushing electrical devices and rotary or linear actuators. Servos are typically used to control angular or linear position, velocity, and acceleration.

Servo drives are most typically employed in the manufacturing industry for assembly line robots that assist create automobiles and planes with high repetition yet precise welding, drilling, riveting, sealing, dispensing, and stiff production requirements.

We deliver cutting-edge Industrial Automation Solutions for a wide range of applications in the manufacturing and process sectors around the world. Our highly qualified onboard engineers are able to provide the most cost-effective and competent engineering solutions in accordance with worldwide industry standards, allowing our valued clients to be more optimistic and efficient in the market.



Servo Drive

Supply of Siemens and Fanuc make Servo Drive and repairing services.